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Tire Rotations

At our auto repair shop, one of the most frequent mistakes we see car owners make is not rotating their tires. Tires wear in different spots depending on your tire alignment and when you do not rotate your tires, they will have continuous wear and tear on the same spot.

It’s a fact: If you do not rotate your tires when you should, they will not last as long as they were designed to last.

A lack of rotation will cause several issues, severe wear being the most prominent. As more and more new cars are front-wheel-drive, tire rotation is especially important. A front-wheel-drive vehicle will wear on the front tires more because those tires not only steer the car, they are responsible for pulling the car down the road. Your rear tires on the other hand are simply there to keep your back end off the ground. This means your front tires will wear much faster than the rear tires, in some cases up to 3 times faster!

Rotating your front and rear tires will save the life of your tires and keep you from spending unnecessary money on new tires. If you do not rotate your tires, you will end up having to replace your front ones while your rear tires will still look fairly new.

If you have questions about tire rotation or you would like to schedule a tire rotation in Denver, give us a call (303) 777-0142.

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