Brake Repair Services

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Brake Repair Services

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about your brakes or to schedule an appointment
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Are unwelcome noises, vibrations and pulsing from your brakes clamoring for your attention? Pearl Street Garage has you covered!

When something goes wrong is the only time most drivers think about their car’s brakes. The wear or failure in any one of the critical components in the brake system could be that “something.”

The pedal, hydraulic fluid and lines, brake pads and drums — all of them must work together to apply the needed friction to stop your vehicle at a second’s notice.

To prevent dangerous locking in unfavorable conditions, anti-lock brakes, which are widely used in modern vehicles, are electronically monitored and control each wheel.

Pearl Street Garage provides expert technicians to understand your brakes so you don’t have to.

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